The Emir of Keffi endorsing the Diversity for Peace and Development Project

Capacity Building

Training The Trainer

The Almajiri Project

Peace Advocacy

With the support of NIWANO Peace Foundation, Japan and the people of Nasarawa State, we have been able to reach 5000 people in rural communities across Nasarawa State, through advocates on tolerance and peace building

Capacity Building

With the support of Ford Foundation, other corporate organizations and partners, we have been able to build the leadership capacity of over 2, 300 youths and students, through trainings, workshops, conferences and seminars across Nigeria.

Educational Support

We have been able to provide financial and material supports to over 300 students within Nasarawa and Benue States.

The Almajiri Project

Leadership for Sustainable Development

Our Vision

To contribute to sustainable development across africa with capacity to engage the public policy systems of Africa states in the overall interest of the poor masses.

What We Do

1. Capacity Building,Leadership Trainings,Conferences,Workshops and Seminars
2. Policy Analysis
3. Consultancy
4. Women, Children and Youth Empowerment
5. Advocacy for Peace and Good Governance
6. Magazine Publication and Awards
7. Public Commentary
8. Mass Mobilization
9. Projects Monitoring and Evaluation
10.Election Observation and Monitoring

Our Mission

To be a leading voice in the advocacy for good governance towards building an egalitarian society.

Our Values

People Focus
Equity and Justice


1. To implant the tenets of democracy in the minds of the youth and promote good leadership through conferences, seminars, symposia,publications, awards and use of media.
2. To research, evaluate and monitor the impact of socio-economic policies of African States to ensure that African States players formulate and drive sustainable policies for the betterment of citizens.
3. To provide scholarships and grants to brilliant children, women, youths and persons with perculiar challenges who are unable to go to school due to financial constraints.
4. To contribute to poverty alleviation amongst less priviledged persons in Nigeria and other African Countries by empowering them through enlightenement, welfare and capacity building programmes.
5. To advance unity, peace and development in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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Peace Advocacy

Diversity For Peace and Development Project

The Almajiri Project (TAP)

Yara Manyan Gobe

Capacity Building

Rayan Matasa; Rayan Kasa
(Build the Youth; Build the Nation)

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